All you need in ONE

We provide all the tools needed to manage your dog park with ease and make sure your records are all up to date.

AI Technology

Utilizing AI technology for vaccination verification, the system automatically fills in all essential fields, improving user convenience and operational efficiency.

Membership Management

User-friendly and provides complete control over managing membership statuses.

Electronic Waiver Signing

Easy creation and digital signing of waivers and liability release forms.

Easy Check-In

Enjoy the convenience of contactless check-ins by using our mobile app and kiosk.

Vaccination Proof

Verifying vaccination records and ensuring dogs sterilization including spayed / neutered requirement.

Vaccination Reminder

Send an email and text message to prompt a reminder about your dog's upcoming vaccination expiration, and record of vaccination approval.

Dog Walker

Dog owners can assign their preferred dog walkers, who can conveniently check-in for their member's dog.

White-Label Product

A personalized white-label solution designed to match your brand, enabling you to customize the mobile app, kiosk, and web registration.

Detailed Reporting

The reports provide valuable insights into dog park usage, member trends, and other relevant data.

Ban List

Track strikes and ban unfriendly dogs, and get report on banned list. Also lift the ban once dog behavior improves.

Stripe Integration

Stripe integration allows payment process easier and faster.

Flexible Price Levels

Define varying price levels and control the valid start and end dates for your pass.

Discount Group

Create member groups based on various factors such as multidog discounts, group types, or any other criteria.