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With the BarMembership platform, there is NO REQUIREMENT to purchase any hardware from us if you do not want to. Our software/app solution will work without any of the below equipment.

However, in designing our paperless membership management solution, we worked with A LOT of bars and bar owners to produce a quality product. Through many painstaking tests, we discovered that things like:

  • holding an ID card steady,
  • proper lighting,
  • glair reduction,etc…

All play a part in the quick scanning of an ID card. This rings true with our product or any similar ones.

The difference is, we took the time, energy,and expense to figure it all out and then designed solutions to fix the problem before ever hitting the market or charging bars to use the BarMembership platform.

As mentioned above, you do not have to purchase these items, however; it will work FASTER and more EFFICIENTLY with it. Again, we figured out through trial and error…especially the error, what works and doesn’t work and offer these solutions so you do not have to go through your own error!

(patent pending)

The Mighty - $125.00

The Mighty. Small enough to pick up and move about the bar but hefty enough to support constant use.

Don’t let the size of this little guy fool you, it packs a hefty weight for its size - especially for maintaining such a low profile. Shorter than a bottle of beer, this kiosk stand has a solid steel base giving it the stability one would expect in a bar. The iPad spins a full 360 degrees, adding the convenience needed for staff to process memberships with speed and ease from the opposite side of the bar!

Get the stats:

  • Height: 8” tall
  • Swivel: Yes, full 360 degrees
  • Weight (without iPad): 6 lbs
  • Weight (with iPad): 8 lbs
  • Colors available: Black
  • Coating: textured – derivative of truck bed lining
  • Base support: rubber nonskid footings
  • Material: steel and high-grade aluminum

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