A software platform for managing future dog parks

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All you need in ONE: We provide all the tools needed to manage your dog park with ease and make sure your records are all up to date.


Management Portal

Get rid of your spiral notebook and easily manage all the registration and reporting virtually. Using BarkMembership significantly reduces the time it takes to register or renew a member.

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Registration Kiosk

Easily check-in and renew members with an easy-to-use iPad application. Barkmembership's kiosk application can be used at the Dog Park to streamline registration and check-in process.

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Checking App

Easy checking dogs and members to park. Verify membership and vaccination status. Update vaccination info Change membership details

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Mobile App

On Android and iOS. Register and check-in from app. Take a photo of the dogs. Update vaccination records

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Membership Management

Full control over their membership tiers and status.


Electronic Waiver Signing

Easily create and sign digital waivers and release of liability forms.


Easy Check-In

Contactless checking with our mobile app. App will provide membership dues and vaccination requirements before they check-in.


Vaccination Reminder

Vaccination record and Spayed/Neutered records (Custom vaccinations, Expired vaccination/spayed/neutered reminders).

Easy Membership Confirmation

Check-In App for confirming membership dues and vaccinations.


We help you track your numbers down with very detailed reporting.

Ban List

Ban List

Track strikes and ban unfriendly dogs. Get report on banned list.

Clock out

Clover Integration

Clover integration allows payment process easier and faster.

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One-time set up fee of $145.99
Limited time offer:
Use This code FSF2021 to waive setup fee
Expires December 31 2021
Low monthly fees
Membership Management Portal
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